So Are You a Daddy Dom? 




Right. You are a Daddy Dom.

You can fuck a babygirl like no other.
Teach her how to suck her Daddy’s cock.
Make her make those cute little baby noises you love so much.
Make her cum for Daddy.
Beat her senseless.

COOL. You’ve got like, a small portion of this dynamic down.

As someone who enjoys being little as often as possible, the things listed above are an awesome bonus for me. But when I can’t get my other needs fulfilled, “bedroom Daddies” don’t end up being enough for my little self.

Are you still going to be my Daddy outside the bedroom? Outside the house?

Can you hold me when I am scared?

Will you help me make decisions that I feel are too complex? Yes. This can be as simple as what socks match my dress best, or which stuffie to bring to bed.

Will you stick with me through my tantrums?

Can you discipline me in a loving way that will help me learn and not just scare me into obedience?

Do you have a true interest in the puppies and flowers and friends and people and fun things I saw when I was away from you that I want so badly to tell you all about? (Usually very quickly and excitedly. Yes, you may have to make me talk a bit slower so you can understand)

Can you realize that sometimes, when I am certain ages, I can’t understand things I might understand easily as a Big? Can you explain these things to me?

Will you watch my favorite cartoons with me before bed? Read me my favorite book?

Brush my hair? Tie my shoes? Bathe me or wash me in the shower? Tuck me in?

Will you ask for a coloring book and crayons for me when we’re out together at restaurants?

Remember my stuffies names? Know how serious a lost paci eaten by the evil couch is?

Will you take my fears seriously, no matter how trivial they may seem?

Can you reassure me and support me?

Help me be a better little girl? Not only for you, but for myself and everyone else?

Do you have the patience that is needed for a little girl?

If you are only set to buy your partner stuffies every so often, get off on her calling you Daddy, and you calling her your little girl… You may want to reevaluate how you are putting yourself out there. For the little girls who are looking for a Daddy outside of the bedroom as well, it can be hard having to find one who fits their non-sexual little/baby needs. My little needs to be supported and cared for emotionally, mentally, and physically as well as sexually.

If a Daddy can do these things for me..

I can learn. I can be a good girl. I can feel safe and loved. No amount of money spent on hello kitty items can compare to the simple acts it takes to make me feel safe as a little girl.

This is how this dynamic works for me. This is in no way to judge “bedroom Daddies” as I call them. No kink is better than anyone elses, all are legitimate. But just know that some littles need more than that. <3

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This 100%.


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I want to _____ you.

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discussing the popularity of non-BD fantasy toy companies made me think: what if people who want their weird dragon dildos don’t want to support BD, but don’t know where else to go? So! Here’s a list of non-BD fantasy toy makers that first time buyers might not have heard of:







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Well that’s it.

I knew it was coming but some reason after talking to a friend last night I felt like I had had it all figured out. Like I knew that if I just talked to him he would change his mind and we would do a trial period or something and he’d have fun again and wanna stay together.

That wasn’t/isn’t the case. Its over because I fucked up way too many times for him to give a damn about me anymore…

I just can’t deal with seeing or doing anything that has anything to do with him at the moment. Toys, clothes I showed him, going to my therapist, I really….can’t do it. It hurts.

I just…wanna offer things I wasn’t ready to give to him because I know that’ll make him happy but that’s just a patch job. It’d work for a short time but in ways that’d make me unhappy.

He was my rock throughout me going to the hospital over and over again. And worried about me after I told him I have a tumor and had to have surgery. God he helped me so much and I knew I could count on him. My friends have been too busy too care since before I met him and I was never close to my family.
So he fit perfectly.

You have no idea how much I’m gonna miss being called princess and a good girl and being punished, having a good argument and just feeling loved.

In all honesty I want to die.

Its one downfall after another. First a job I applied to asked me in for interviewing and gave me a working interview just to not call me back, my laptop broke down, my friends besides the one last night, don’t even answer my texts anymore, and now this.  He was the only thing that made me happy anymore

Anyway this tumblr is probably just gonna sit here till I either decide to use it to express myself again or if I ever get my shit together. I doubt that will happen tho.

Thanks for walking with me on my crazy road I’m sorry it didn’t end better.

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